What People Are Saying

“Daphne’s message conveys fundamental principles with enthusiasm and contagious excitement.”

Don Soderquist, Founder, Soderquist Center for Leadership and Ethics

“Daphne Smith is an outstanding motivational speaker. “

She is passionate about helping people move in the direction that God intends for them. Theologian and Pastor Frederich Bechner once said that vocation is that place where God’s call, the world’s hunger and your deep gladness meet. This is the place that Daphne helps us all move toward; the place of gladness. It is the place God intends for each of us.

Adelaide Schaeffer, Executive Director at Champions for Kids

“Daphne’s stellar ability to make everyone feel at ease as they learn more about themselves exudes each time she speaks.”

Her contagious passion spreads as she empowers others to develop their God given talents and strengths.

Angela Belford, Self Esteem Facilitator, FHL Skill Building Seminars

“Universally applicable, mind opening and riotous entertainment make up the wonderful presentation style of Daphne V Smith.”

This information is invaluable for anyone who lives or works with people. Hermits need not apply.

Dr. Susan McBeth, D.D.S., M.S.

“Daphne’s presentations are filled with heart and passion.”

She skillfully balances professionalism and personal style enabling her audiences to relate and remember her messages.

Georgia Shaffer, Pennsylvania Licensed Psychologist, Life Coach, Speaker and Author