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My vocation is service through sharing. I share ideas, lessons learned, and compassion. When speaking to groups, my focus is on what the audience needs to hear more so than what I have or need to say. What does your team need to discover?

The topic of leadership often arises when I receive requests to speak in a corporate environment. My definition of leadership is this:
A strong leader paints a picture for others to strive and grow toward in their best version of the original.

Leaders also create an environment rich in cohesion that is visible, viable, and valuable. What are your leaders constructing?

Bridge the gap, invest in your people, incite unity. It happens here.

Popular topics and requests include but are not limited to:

Everyone Communicates Few Connect– This book by popular leadership expert, John C Maxwell explains the difference and critical importance between communicating and connecting.

Living in 4D!– Discover, Develop, Design, Destiny- Do you see dead people? Are you possibly one of them. Many people have breath but no life. You can live by design instead of default. Discover your gifts, talents and passions. Develop a plan to use them. Design a process of  implementation. Destiny alignment and living are your keys to living a well done life.

Putting your Puzzles Pieces in PlaceUsing the Wired that Way Personality Profile, based on the teachings of Marita Littauer and Florence Littauer, you will discover how to identify the visible, various, and valuable piece of the personality puzzle pieces in place. Is there anyone in your life you simply don’t understand, connect with or are unable to appreciate? With new personal awareness and understanding, you will also understand yourself and others better.

This workshop can be customized for teams, teachers, and families.

Release Your Brave– We all assess ourselves against others at some point in some way. It’s a natural human tendency. In Release Your Brave, the key word is YOUR. We will recognize what brave looks like for you personally. You will gain a new respect for your successes with such worthiness that you won’t need to compare, only appreciate and be inspired by someone else’s brave. Your new awareness will aide you to respond in current and future opportunities to be brave. Circumstances will become times to relish in your own brave abilities.

Release Your Brave intends to equip you with a fresh lens and a new outlook. You will be empowered with appreciation and the courage to Release Your Brave. Show up ready to interact and engage in order embrace all that you are and all that you can become. 

Breaking the Balance MythFor just a moment, envision the scales of justice. It takes an incredible amount of tension to keep them perfectly balanced. What if instead of balance in our lives, we sought harmony? Just like the ocean tide with its ebb and flow, we can grow, change, and flourish when we live in harmony with our strengths, dreams, and opportunities. Intended to expand your thinking, Breaking the Balance Myth will give you permission to release the stress and make progress at the same time.

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