Retreats are my cornerstone to radical soul realignment. And the format doesn’t have to be a multi­day, wilderness survival, sleep on the ground, scenario for you to benefit. In my world, a retreat is simply a stepping away from day­-to­-day activities.

Participants have the freedom to choose their format. We can engage one­-on­-one or in a collection of like­minded seekers. I’m happy to customize a retreat based on your needs, and enjoy helping organizations facilitate retreats.

I do have themes ready and waiting for open hearts. They include:

HIS Girl, Created with Purpose, Made for Service

Discover– what you have in common with some not so famous women of the Bible as well as their strengths and gifts

Develop– your strengths and gifts in order to share them with others in your individual unique design

Design– explore how God’s design in and for you determines your purpose

Destiny– partner your purpose with your passions, strengths and gifts in order to live out the purpose that is uniquely yours

Your Secret Name- Discovering Who God Created You To Be

Based on the book of the same name and written by Kary Oberbrunner, this retreat is a deep personal exploration of scripture creating a new self awareness. Everyone has three types of names- their birth name, given names, and their secret name. Both men and women can break free from the name game and the labels that have defined them.

Blueprint for Success- Turn Your Dream into Full Time Money

Do you have a dream without a plan to turn it into reality? This interactive process will assist you in creating your individual formula for success. We will drill down and get clear on your vision, create a step by step time sensitive action plan, and identify a new self-image worthy of dream. Created by Scott M Fay and Melissa West, participants will leave with a tangible plan in place in order to begin transformation.

We can reflect and realign together. This is refuge.

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