Is That Appropriate?

by | Mar 21, 2017 | 0 comments

Or to be more exact, is it FB appropriate?

I hear this question asked often. I also hear and read comments about fake book, for those with a rich vocabulary facade book. My own curiosity was peaked recently when several unexpected situations developed in my life.

I have a friend who is punching cancer in the face. She’s chosen not to post anything about it on social media. For her, it’s not something she wants to share through that venue. She also doesn’t like her birthday celebrated on Facebook.

Other people I know use social media as a diary of sorts; sharing everything from meals throughout the day to tangents of disapproval based on their perceived view of justice.

So how does one decide what’s appropriate to share via social media?

Well, my philosophy is this, it’s YOUR account. Social media is an opportunity to connect and share with others through a broad reach. Who is anyone to determine or judge what another posts on their wall?

We all have the ability to block or hide anything we don’t care to view. Now, if something promotes illegal or harmful activity, for me, that’s a line not to cross. Outside of that, I see social media as a tool. As with any other tool, a hammer for example, we can use it to build or destroy.

The true reason behind this post stems from a personal family situation. I am thankful a different friend of mine posted her journey on FB. Her sharing has allowed me to better prepare for what lies ahead in our journey.

Is it appropriate? You make the call. It’s yours to share or not.

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