I ask the questions that lead you to the answers you already have.

Are you stuck?

Are you frustrated?

Are you overwhelmed?

You are here to shine. When we operate outside of our motivations, gifts, and talents, we develop hurts, unhealthy habits, and hang­ups. As the detriments outweigh the blessings, we struggle, and lose our shine.

Coaching sessions are not about running laps or teaching you new skills. My version of coaching is helping you strengthen your radiant (shine) muscles. All the inspiration, vision, and knowledge lies within you, and it’s my role as a coach to help you access those treasures.

Let’s find your strength so you can shine. Engage your muscles.

Coaching IS asking questions without judgement of your responses.

Coaching IS an organic process targeting your personal goals, dreams, and desired outcomes.

Interested in learning more? Contact Daphne for an initial consultation in order to formulate a plan for your coaching needs.

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Other Ways to Work With Me


Topics may include: creating positive thought in your job, how to work together more efficiently and effectively, tools to be a better listener, how to be more empathetic to those around you. More... 

Speaking Engagements

Enlist Daphne to motivate your group with topics designed to equip people of every life season to be more confident and assured of their journey.More...